Sober Glow Getters Zoom – every Wednesday 8pm!!

Hey everyone – happy Thursday!

Just a really quick post update – I have started to host a SOBER GLOW GETTERS ZOOM every Wednesday at 8pm!

It was the first one last night and it was fab! I am keeping it very low key, chilled out and there isn’t really any structure, just sober or sober curious ladies having a brew and a catch up!

If you would like the link for next week just drop me a message over on Insta or send me an e-mail.

As we are still living in a virtual world I am also taking bookings for Tropic Pamper Zooms! Where I can send out pamper packs for you and your friends and we can chat all things Tropic and green beauty whilst we have a pamper! I am so missing seeing people in person and before 2020 I didn’t know what a zoom actually was – seriously! But I’ve enjoyed keeping in touch in the virtual world!

Any questions about either please just drop me a message!

Have a fab rest of the week guys – almost Friday!!!

Angie xx

5 thoughts on “Sober Glow Getters Zoom – every Wednesday 8pm!!

    1. Thankyou! I found I was getting so many messages it’s been lovely getting a group together , they are all supporting one another which is fab! Hope you are keeping well xxxx

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    1. Hey hun! Yes of course! There are all different levels of sobriety ladies on there! It’s now once a month though so the first weds of every month 👍🏻Are you on Instagram? Xxxxx


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