I’m Still Here…………….

Hey guys,

Just a quick check in to let you know where I am upto with everyhting!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have realised I have been pretty quiet!! I am having an absolute nightmare and my account got blocked as someone has copied it and set it up to a porn link!!

So I am now getting it all looked into but they have had to disable my account whilst they investigate it all. I am missing my gram fam so much though and I am so tempted to just start a brand new fresh account? Not sure what to – what do you think?

Its made me realise how much I love my daily check-ins with my followers and how the majority of my sober support has come from my followers on there and on here too. You get me, I get you – its clearly a sober thing! I really want to get back on there ASAP.

In the meantime could I ask a HUGE favour – could you share my blog on your sober accounts just so I can keep in touch with everyone. Its definitely made me realise the importance of this Blog and how this could never be taken away from me like my Instagram account has been.

Sooooooooo I am still here, still sober. Currently juggling two tweens and a full on job, plus a poorly pup who’s cut his paw so he’s walking around with the dreaded cone on! It’s all happening!

How are you guys? if you need to reach out then please do, I am here to help.

In September I will be doing a coaching course so my plan for January is to set up a Sober Glow Boot Camp – offering a chance to work out with me by zoom twice a week plus group and individual sober support. It’s all ideas at the minute but my aim is to have it set up by January 2022.

What do you think guys? Is it something you would be interested in? Or would you have been when trying to get sober – I definitely know I would, I think the accountability side of it along with the exercise will help people build those healthy habits.

So please spread the word I am still here just stuck in Insta Jail and its rubbish! Although I think it could be the sign of a fresh start and a new page, sometimes things happen for a reason!

Please comment and let me know how you are doing, I would LOVE to hear from you – missing you all so much!

Big hugs and Big Love

Angie xxxx

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