My Sober Journey

This blog is all about my  journey of becoming  a SOBER GLOW GETTER!

It has taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to start a blog! Because you are putting yourself out there flaws and all , but if my journey over the last 5 YEARS  can inspire anyone to reduce or stop their drinking and start living a healthier lifestyle, AND CHASING THEIR DREAMS then it is worth it!

On the 21st November 2016, I decided that I wanted to quit drinking.  I WAS SICK OF FEELING STUCK IN A RUT AND UNHAPPY WITH MYSELF. The decision wasn’t made lightly, I loved my weekend bottles of wine (who am i kidding not just weekends!) but at 41 the hangovers, even after just a few glasses seemed to last longer! Every Monday I would start the week working hard at my little business of an ironing lady and feeling rubbish but  determined to cut down and get healthy. It would start off well but by Thursday I would be feeling like I deserved a drink and the weekend would then pan out exactly the same, then back to Monday feeling rubbish again.

I got to the point where I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired,  bored of this viscous cycle and constantly beating myself up about it.  I DESPERATLEY wanted to make a change, I had a strong feeling that life was flying by at a scary speed and I need to do it NOW.  So I did literally wake up that Monday and just thought, right ok I’m gonna do this – its time!!

Fitness and exercise became my focus so instead of thinking I was giving up alcohol I started to think yes I am giving up alcohol but I am also taking up more exercise, eating healthier foods and I suppose you could say getting healthy was my new addiction. I’m definitely an all or nothing kinda girl and fitness and health became my thing! (clothes shopping is a close second!)

Over time this has led to huge changes in my life, from being stood at my ironing board everyday I am now a qualified Bodypump Instructor and An Executive Leader with Tropic Skincare –  getting sober has certainly been life changing for me! I want this blog to help, motivate, inspire and encourage anyone who feels stuck like I did, to just get up and do it because believe me anything is possible if you really want it badly enough! You can change your life!

My life now is all about being healthy, confident, energised and looking the best that I can at  46 years of age.  I want to share advice for living not only a sober life but a healthy glowing life, chasing dreams and smashing goals!

Come along with me on this life changing journey and lets be sober glow getters together!

(Initially this blog was called Lifting Weights Not Wine along with my Instagram Name.  And although fitness will ALWAYS play a huge part In my sober lifestyle I also want to incorporate all aspects of my life into this blog – health, beauty, being a sober mum, sober living, goal getting and my love of Tropic Skincare too!)