100 Days Of Exercise Challenge- Done! ✅

So one hundred days ago I set myself a challenge to exercise everyday for 100 days. That seems ages ago now but I am finally here at the end of it all- so what have I got out of it!?!?

Ok, well first of all my weight hasn’t changed. My first reaction when I weighed myself this morning was – whhhhhhaaaaatttt!!!!! Nope not one single pound has been lost! However, since I stopped drinking I have tried not to focus on weight as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post ‘Strong Not Skinny’ the priority for me is how I feel, not what the scales say. And to be honest I’ve been pretty relaxed with my diet, purely because I have been exercising so much. They say a fit body is made in the kitchen so maybe I need to focus on diet more and start tracking my food and eating clean(er) but hey I’m a sober foodie, what else can I say!!

I have totally realised that I NEED to exercise early, every single morning to make sure I get it in for the day. At the start of the challenge I was just fitting it in as and when but I found that quite stressful and felt like I was putting it off with other things getting in the way. I really had to sit down and think about when was the best time to do it. I have read articles from people who get up super early to have that extra hour to exercise or do jobs or anything to get them a step ahead for the day. And for me, waking up at 5.45 am and exercising between 6-7am has definitely been the way forward and made the challenge achievable. It’s certainly something I want to continue, it works for me and fits in with my life and family. I think that’s the secret to success with any fitness or health goal, it has to be realistic long term.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting in this challenge was that somedays I have been reduced to tears!! And that is due to the support and messages I have received from others! I have logged my daily exercise on my Instagram page @liftingweightsnotwine, and it’s been lovely to have support from others who are doing the challenge with me. I’ve also had some lovely emails from people who are telling me how well they are doing, some are on an exercise challenge, sober challenge or adjusting their diet, giving up sugar or just on a health kick in general. I have found my blog and Instagram page amazing for support and motivation and I have enjoyed giving back and inspiring others in the process. This is certainly one thing that I want to continue! My social media circle of support has been amazing!

Consistency has also certainly been key, my fitness levels have definitely improved and I’m lifting heavier weights and have much more energy. For a long,long time, especially when I was drinking, my fitness attempts would be in fits and starts. I would have a few good days or weeks and then have a mega blow out, not exercising for weeks sometimes months and ending up back at square one. I haven’t been able to have days or weeks off with this challenge so I have realised that being consistent is the key to seeing the results.

This challenge has also made exercise a priority, each and everyday. Now, since I gave up the booze, exercise has been a huge focus for me. It’s helped me transform and become strong both mentally and physically. Some days it’s hard, very hard to find time for exercise- and we all have those days where it’s the last thing we want to do. But I feel like now it’s a priority and I want to make sure I exercise everyday, because I know how good it makes me feel. Thirty minutes of running or weights and I can be a changed person, feeling more positive and stress free. Now that’s not only good for me but good for my family and everyone around me too!!!

The one thing I am looking forward to is having my Sunday back as a rest day. Throughout the challenge I have normally done something with my family on a Sunday because the weekends together are so important to us, so it’s been a walk or bike ride together. But it will be nice to think if I don’t manage to do anything then it’s ok. It is important to have a rest day and Sunday is a perfect day to recharge ready for the week ahead.

Finally, one thing I didn’t realise was the timing and when exactly my challenge would finish! In my head I was planning on maybe a massage or little bit of retail therapy to reward myself, but no, tomorrow I am doing the Tough Mudder 11 mile mud race with over 20 obstacles!! Eeeeeeeek!!! Talk about timing! I’m sure there will be a post to follow, on that torturous event!!!! (I love it really!)

To any of my fellow challengers who have been doing the 100 days with me, how did you get on? What have you achieved and learnt from your 100 days? Do you want to do another challenge with me, any ideas what we could do next?

One thing I do know is that I love a challenge and as they say “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you” and as I’m on a journey of transformation I will probably be doing another challenge very soon, so watch this space!!

Have a fab, healthy weekend, doing what makes you happy 😊

Angie xx

2 thoughts on “100 Days Of Exercise Challenge- Done! ✅

  1. Well done Angie!! You’re amazing and an inspiration-i’m new to your blog and have spent the last few days catching up on all you’ve achieved! I’m an overweight old lady but this week Ive not had a drink and done 3 cardio sessions thanks to you!!Good luck tomoz!!


    1. Awww thankyou lovely Linda! That means so much!! I don’t agree with the old or overweight but I’m glad to hear you doing things to make you feel better. It’s hard on the holidays to stay on track but you do feel so much better for it!! Big hugs- well done you 😚💗💪🏼xxxx


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