I feel like I owe all of you lovely followers an apology! I have been so busy with lots of different things and my little Blog has been the one thing that has suffered. But I am now back, planning to do weekly updates and start sharing my sober life again on here to help, … More 5 YEARS SOBER!!!


  Hey guys how are things going? This lockdown is certainly messing with my head, from being pretty upbeat and positive 99% of the time I’m feeling pretty up and down at the minute.  But I’m guessing its normal and totally to be expected with everything that’s going on. A huge hands in the air … More SOBER SELF CARE

27 Months Today!

  Today marks 27 months of my sobriety.  Not sure what that is in days so I just keep ticking the months off!! I’m not really celebrating as such but as its half term I am going to the cinema with my girls to watch a film, with a Macdonald’s for lunch as an extra … More 27 Months Today!