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Hey guys how are things going?

This lockdown is certainly messing with my head, from being pretty upbeat and positive 99% of the time I’m feeling pretty up and down at the minute.  But I’m guessing its normal and totally to be expected with everything that’s going on.

A huge hands in the air for the soberistas who are in the early days, what a testing time and you are smashing it!  I got an amazing comment on my last post from Sarah who was on day 25 – wow that is something huge in the current climate.  At over 40 months sober I am serious when I say I would struggle if I was starting now – so a massive well done guys – if we can get through this sober I’m thinking we can get through anything!

The hardest part for me is that my routine is upside down, my days normally fly by and at the moment they are dragging.  I am physically not as active, so yes I am working out everyday and walking the dog every day but for the rest of the day I am sat down a lot, either with the kids, watching tv or sat in the garden – When normally I am flying around everywhere.  And possibly the hardest part for me is not knowing when this will all return to normal, we haven’t got a time scale – I’m a planner I NEED to know what’s happening and when.  But you know what I’ve got to accept it is what it is and my priorities right now are keeping myself, my family, and my parents healthy and safe and that’s all I can do right now.

All of these feelings are feelings I would normally escape from by drinking.  We have all been there when its all too much and you just need to escape your own mind.  And that is the hardest part, sitting with these feelings. But just think how strong we will be when we come out of the other side – sober super heroes!

You have to find other ways to escape, other way to relax and destress and just give yourself time out.  This is when you realise how important Sober Self Care is – you have to learn new ways to let yourself escape reality and just look after yourself and recharge.

I used to think going to the corner shop for a bottle of wine or two was self care?  So believe me this is something that I have had to learn to do, but I can not begin to tell you how important self care is for you and your sobriety.  Here are some ways that I switch off and try to look after myself physically and mentally. I am still trying out new ways and ideas so feel free to comment and let me know what self care means for you guys too :-

  • This … Blogging!  Today my head was just all over the place, I have felt teary and pretty emotional but just stting down to focus on this and the contact with my readers and a feeling of giving back has just made me feel better.  Maybe start a journal, a video diary, an Instagram page or even set up a little blog yourself.
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  • Exercise – no surprise I know!!  Exercise has been my number one coping mechanism since I stopped drinking over three years ago.  I love anything with weights and occasionally running.  But you can do anything, yoga, workout dvd, power walking with the dog.  Just something to give your endorphins a boost and give you that much needed time out.  The best time to exercise I  feel is first thing in the morning before your brain knows what your body is doing, plus what a better way to make the most of those glorious hangover free mornings!
  • Pamper time – a hot bath, doing your nails, trying out new makeup, do a gradual tan or a relaxing face mask.  Since I started with Tropic I have got to admit this is now a close second to exercise for me as it feels a little like product research!  The old me would NEVER relax this way, I would occasionally go for a spray tan  before a night out but as we all know there is nothing relaxing about that!  If you would like some pampering inspiration visit  My online shop or message me and I will happily help
  • Reading – I have read some amazing books since I quit the booze and although I don’t seem to have much time to read anymore but I always make sure I have a good book for long weekends or holidays.  My go to books are inspirational books and memoirs so Noah Galloway, Jillian Michaels, Clare Pooley and Catherine Grey are just a few.
  • Netflix & Chill – I cant even begin to tell you how many films the drinking me would watch and not remember the ending, or not really focusing on the film because my glass constantly needed refilling.  I love now just getting fully immersed in a dvd or a film at the cinema and you can just totally lose yourself for a couple of hours – total heaven.
  • Early nights – never underestimate the power of an early night with a hot chocolate, especially in those early days of sobriety.  I would feel so tired and as it was winter time, I couldn’t wait to snuggle up in bed all cosy with a hot choc!  If you need to sleep – sleep!
  • Retail therapy – who doesn’t like to online shop!  Sometimes I will just spend an hour filling and emptying my basekt – dream online shopping! And if you add up how much you have saved by not drinking, you can certainly afford to treat yourself.
  • Chatting with friends, a call with an upbeat, like minded friend can totally lift your spirits or even an online catch up with your sober online support friends.

There are soooo many ways you can take time out to look after YOU which are also fab ways to distract yourself if the wine witch is calling!  And the extra bonus is that none of them give you a hangover from hell in the morning.

Let me know how you guys practice self care, any tips or ideas would be appreciated.  I know a lot of people find cooking relaxing but its the total opposite for me – lets just say I have never had the urge to channel my inner Nigella!!

Now more than ever is a time we should be making self care a priority.  It isn’t selfish its a fundamental part of our sobriety and an important part of both our physical and mental health – you have every right to just give yourself time to ………


Take care, stay safe and stay at home – we have got this

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 Love Angie xx










2 thoughts on “SOBER SELF CARE

  1. I totally get you, it is just the most strange, unsettling and unpredictable time at the moment so staying positive and keeping strong is heaps and heaps of effort.. but here we are still going 💪🏼💪🏼😁 ps – I’m on day 28😁😁
    Thank you for writing this today and again you’ve given me a huge lift. I’m going to start writing down a bit of a plan of plan of what I’d like to achieve along side giving up the wine, I genuinely feel excited!! Your ideas are awesome!
    I’m also going to take your advice on self care, and look after myself a bit more 😁
    Thank you so so much for doing what you are doing, I cannot tell you how you’ve helped me.. you stopped me having that drink… your positivity and energy is incredible 😁💪🏼🙌🏻

    Love Sarah x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhh that’s amazing!!! Thankyou!!! Keep me posted – the fact that you are excited is the key to success – that’s exactly how I felt when I stopped – so different to when I’ve tried in the past – I was excited for the new me!!! Excited for you!!!! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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