Sober Sundays!


A huge advantage of giving up the booze is waking up fresh, excited and clear-headed ready to start your weekend!

Sundays are normally my day of rest, in that I don’t schedule in any exercise but will normally try to do a walk or bike ride with my family. This morning we were hoping to go sledging but there was not enough snow, so we went on a lovely early morning walk in the local park, and it was definitely what you call fresh!

Even when I was drinking, I have never been one to lie in bed at the weekend.  But there is no denying that even after just a couple of drinks the night before, I would still be up and about in the morning but just not feeling myself.  Almost like walking around with a fog hanging over me, zapping me of my energy and my get up and go.  Feeling like this at the weekend was one of the main reasons I stopped drinking, I spent all week looking forward to us all being together and having family time and then when the weekend finally came I felt too tired and drained to fully enjoy it.

Then you have the Sunday evenings, for me that used to be my time to drink at the last chance saloon! Finishing off any alcohol that was left over from the weekend, in denial that tomorrow was Monday and that normality would resume. Now Sunday nights are still not my favourite night of the week, because yes its the last few hours of the weekend, before everything does go back to normal, school, work, flying around at a million miles an hour. But all that’s a lot easier to organise and plan with a clear head and a well spent weekend behind you were you’ve had time to recharge your batteries. And most importantly you have had the energy and motivation to do the things you want to do!!

So how have you spent your weekend?  hopefully your feeling fresh and ready to face the week! If not think what you can do next weekend to feel better? Maybe have a weekend off the booze, plan some healthy meals and a good walk or other exercise? hopefully this blog will inspire you to cut down or give up alcohol , just give it a go and see how  much better you feel, for me its a game changer!

Monday we are coming to get you!

Angie xx

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