Just start……….


If your planning on cutting down or giving up drinking, or just want to start a new exercise regime and healthier lifestyle, stop planning and thinking – just start doing it!

For about twelve to eighteen months I realised that my drinking habits were heading in the wrong direction, and that I needed to do something about it.  I tried (and failed) at many attempts to stop, not drinking for Lent, Sober for October, Dry January, you name it I had tried it!

I was always trying to put rules in place with regards to my drinking, and to be honest Monday to Thursday I was fine but when it came to the weekends, I just struggled to control it. Moderation is not my thing!  It was this constant battle of trying to moderate and plan in my head that made me just think enough is enough! I was ready for things to change, I was bored with myself and how I felt and  the constant guilt and rubbish feeling that was hanging over me every weekend. So I decided to see what would happen if I stopped!

I googled lots about not drinking before I stopped and I had started following Clare Pooleys blog, Mummy Was A Secret Drinker. On the Monday that I had decided to stop, I emailed Clare just asking for help and any advice, she replied within an hour and I can honestly say that by doing that she made me feel like it was possible! She was the only person I had told and she believed in me! Clare is so amazing and has been such a guiding light and support for me, she deserves a future post all to herself so watch this space! Clares’ blog is now a successful book- buy it- read it! I totally recommend it!( ooh and my clame to fame, I am in the acknowledgments too!)

I also read Jason Vale’s Kick The Drink, basically it feels like you  have been hypnotized! It either works for you or it doesn’t, and for me it did, if you haven’t read it I definitely recommend it!

Here are some other tips for the early days/weeks, I will discuss all of these in more detail in future posts, but these are what helped me and may help you;

  • Becks Blue ( has to be in a wine glass for me!)
  • Hot chocolate
  • Chocolate- cake – lots of cake! (for me it was Christmas time so lots of treats around!)
  • Exercise, even just a brisk walk, but only when your up to it (don’t put any extra pressure on yourself)
  • A positive playlist – (I played Robbie Williams Love My Life on repeat for the first week!)
  • Early nights, Dvd and duvet nights
  • Do not stop socialising!- this is the mistake I made in the past –  your changing your life not putting it on hold- I love going out so stopping that would have made me feel really down and depressed. Go on nights out, meet a friend for lunch, go to the cinema, make the most of being able to drive!
  • And finally – just look after yourself, love yourself, your doing something that’s amazing, and possibly the best thing you will ever do for your health, feel good, feel proud!
  • Some of these points are only suggestions for the early days as eating cake when and little exercise won’t get you feeling healthy!

The main thing is if you are wanting to stop drinking, or just wanting to cut down and get healthy, just do it! Stop waiting and planning for the perfect time, it wont come. Just wake up and say right today I am going to change how I feel and stop this constant battle in my head. Then just take one day at a time.  I never, ever thought I could go this long without drinking, but I have and I feel amazing! If its something you want badly enough, you will do it!

Whats worked for you? What advice can you give to anyone wanting to stop? If your struggling, ask me for help? I found so much support from Sober Mummy Blog and I would love to give back by helping anyone who needs it!

Angie xx

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