Lockdown Self Care – 28 Day Challenge!

Hey guys!!

So here we are in the UK at the start of lock down number two. It certainly feels different this time compared to the last and I’ve found myself asking why?

First of all – the weather is certainly different! Sunshine is a natural mood enhancer and I think in the first lockdown we where blessed with amazing weather. Plus we were more tempted to get out and about in the fresh air. This time its dark, wet and lets be honest pretty miserable. However i feel like its making it feel more like hibernation – it feels like the perfect time to nourish and nurture ourselves.

With most of the world going into self-isolation to protect themselves against Covid-19, it is more important than ever to really work on yourself and your mental health. And to do what works for you! 2020 has definitely given me the time for soul searching. Allowing me to really look at what and who I have in my life and focus on all the things that make me feel good and allow me to be ME!

Lets introduce self care! Up until 4 years ago when I stopped drinking – I didn’t know what self care was. Well, I thought I did – I thought self care was downing a bottle of wine on the settee, stuffing my face with chocolate and crisps whilst I half remember a film I’m watching as the wine has got to work on my slumped energy levels and blacked out memory.

Fast forward to 48 months later (on the 21st i will be 4 years sober – whoop whoop!!!) and I pretty much feel like a pro when it comes to self care.

Self care can be so many things. It can be anything from a long hot bath to saying no to a friend who is draining your energy. It comes in so many different forms and there are so many ways in which you can look after YOU.

If any of you follow me on Insta or are a member of my Tropic Skincare VIP group then you will have probably seen the following video. This is a live I did yesterday, explaining all about my selfcare challenge that I am doing for the next 28 days. So if you are looking for a little inspiration, or just wanting to find your way back to YOU then please join me!

I will be posting on Instagram daily and I will be posting on here more often too! Lets share what we do and inspire people to do the same, and start looking after yourself. It just feels like the PERFECT TIME!

If you are on a sober journey, especially in the early days – this will give you a focus away from the wine witch and I guarantee you will be feeling amazing by the end of the 28 days!

If you would like to make a start by trying out a new skincare routine for 28 days – these products are a fab place to start!! Please contact me if you would like further info. They come in three combinations for different skin concerns.

Lets fill these next 28 days with selfcare, self love and lets come out of this feeling strong, sober, refreshed and recharged.

Please find me in insta https://www.instagram.com/soberglowgetter/ or my VIP Facebook group @ Tropic with Angie

We have got this – we have survived it once we can survive it again!

Love Angie xx

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