My 2020 lessons of a sober lockdown……..

Happy 2021!!

I hope you have all had a fabulous Christmas and New year and have been keeping safe at home with your loved ones. How is your New Year so far? If you are doing Dry January 2021 then please look back through my old posts on here as I share a lot of tips and advice on the early days.

WOW 2020 what a year. As you know I don’t like looking back but sometimes you really need to see how far you’ve come and just take a moment to reflect. It feels like its all been a blur, not in a drunken way like it used to do but in a ground hog day way! But when I look back over past social media post, photos and my journal, it really was something else, a year to remember for all the wrong and right reasons. I can see straight away what I have gained from the crazy year that 2020 was. So here goes, my wins, my lessons and my good bits of 2020!

  • The number one, most important lesson for me that I will never take for granted was mine and my family’s health. I know that so many people have lost friends and family during this time and I am truly sorry for that. Having four years of sobriety under my belt certainly made me feel that my immune system always fighting fit. Although I did test positive for the antibodies , I can only pin point last January when I thought had a bad cough so must have only had it mildly. We know that alcohol depletes our vitamin levels and our immune system so by being sober at least we are keeping our body as healthy as can be. Achieveing 4 years sober was a huge achievement for me in November last year.
  • During 2020 I started to view my health differently. Before lockdown I was teaching Bodypump 5-6 times a week. I had got myself in my best physical shape ever but was feeling pretty run down too. Lockdown gave me the chance to take a breath, gain a few lockdown pounds and whilst I was still doing Bodypump I was mixing it up with heavy weights too. Which has had a nice effect of giving me a curvier shape that I’ve never really had before! Rest days and good food with treats added in will help you build muscle and give you a balance that I now realise I was missing. I feel recharged and reenergised and most importantly, I feel super strong.
  • The therapy of a peaceful dog walk! Dogs have definitely won lockdown haven’t they. I’ve started to appreciate where I live more and just enjoy the peace and quiet of walking the dog. We are lucky to live in a semi rural area and I definitely feel lucky to live where I do and be able to escape with the dog everyday.
  • I have read an endless amount of positivity books, including Vex King, Rhoda Byrne and I’m following a lot of positive accounts on social media. When I quit drinking I naturally became a more positive person, which I think you do as you don’t have the dreaded hanxiety that comes with heavy drinking. I also wanted to start looking into manifestation for a while and 2020 seemed the perfect time to do it! I now read something everyday and I constantly try to check my thoughts and feelings, trying to stay as positive as possible to try and manifest my dreams. I fully recommend it, I know some people don’t believe in it but I say give it a go, worse case scenario it makes you look at things in a more positive light. Be protective of your energy too, don’t let others effect you if they are full of negativity, 2020 made me realise my energy is the most important thing especially at a time when you are working hard to keep it positive. You can distance yourself to protect yourself.
  • My little Tropic business boomed last year! In what I thought would be a disastrous year, as Tropic is all about sharing freshly made skincare products in a face to face environment, it turned into the total opposite! My business has more than trebled, with it totally adapting to online sales and people just generally taking more time to look after themselves. From starting 2020 with myself and one other ambassador we are now over 30 women strong, all sharing the love of Tropic. Plus I have also achieved two amazing 5 star trips to Ibiza and Jamaica, when we can actually go!
  • I realised how important holidays are to me. My first feeling when we went into lockdown was a feeling of claustrophobia that we have to stay in the UK. I have had about 5 sober holidays and I just absolutely love them – they really are so amazing. Being sober gives you chance to experience the culture, the area, the activities instead of just sitting by the pool making the most of the all inclusive bar.
  • Paramount to everything else – I realised the love in my family. My family, my husband, two girls and the dog have all been my support circle. We have shown how we can literally be together 24/7 without any (or very little) drama. Not every day has been all happy families but there has only been a handful of times that we have annoyed one another and missed having our own space. I know deep down that the drinking me would have been a totally different person through lockdown, the wheels would have come off big time and my family would have got the worst of it all. My priority would have been how I felt and how I needed to escape with a bottle of wine or two, or three, but the sober mummy that I am made sure that my family felt safe and cared for during this challenging year.
  • And finally -NEVER underestimate the power of a nana nap, chocolate and Netflix. On the days where it got bad, that’s how I escaped my mind – a sleep, food or tv! Not ideal, but did it work -YES!!!

So in a round about way that’s my 2020 and how it worked out for me. I know in the UK we are enering our 3rd Lockdown but we will get through it jut like we did last year, and we will see better days in 2021. We can see the light at the end of it all we just need to get through this last hurdle.

Let me know how you survived 202 sober. I think for anyone to come through ANY part of that year without using alcohol to escape really is a sober warrior, and it shows a strength that will get you through 2021. FEEL PROUD!

If you are just starting your sober journey and doing dry January then please check out my earlier posts. And contact me direct for any help on a 1-2-1 basis. Plus is anyone is looking to give their skincare a refresh in 2021 or even looking to join me in helping women love the skin they are in, then again contact me by email, message or social media.

2021 we are ready, we have got this and remember better days are ahead!

( I had written this before the announcement last night of a 3rd lockdown in the UK, but hey we’ve done it before we can get through it again!)


Angie xx

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