Happy Easter!


Easter weekend is almost here, a four day break to do whatever you want to do! So how are you going to spend it?

In the past I would have seen a long weekend as four days of eating what I want, drinking what I want.  Still planning lovely things with family and friends but just feeling rubbish 90% of the time. Tuesday would come around fast and I would be feeling far from fresh, hungover and bloated, sluggish, just praying for Friday to come around again!

It doesn’t have to be like this!

So why not use this time, these four days, to recharge your batteries!

  • Plan to do some sort of exercise everyday. A family walk, bike ride, football, trampolining – even sledging if we get the snow! (with our weather anything can happen!)
  • Buy food in for healthy meals, bake a healthy recipe with the kids, try something new, pack a healthy picnic for a walk. And don’t forget the chocolate it is Easter!
  • If your cutting down or stopping drinking, make sure you get some alcohol free alternatives – becks blue, no alcohol wine, tonic/soda water with fresh fruit, find a new mocktail recipe, there are so many alcohol free drinks available now in supermarkets. (and personally mine still has to be in a wine glass!)
  • Buy yourself a new book. I have read more than ever since I stopped drinking, I think in general you just seem to have more free time and want to do more than just collapse infront of the tv! Reading is definitely my chill out time. Some of my faves are:  The Sober Diaries – Clare Pooley, Living With No Excuses -Noah Galloway, Unlimited – Jillian Michaels and Kick The Drink – Jason Vale which was the game changer for me! Some good fictional reads are,  Another Love – Amanda Prowse and Summer Secrets by Jane Green.
  • Download a new dvd, or plan a cinema visit, lose yourself in a good film. If you haven’t seen The Greatest Showman then please go, its A-MAZ-ING! And I guarantee you will download the soundtrack straight after like we did- its now on full blast every morning on the school run!

So why not have a different Easter this weekend, focus on what you enjoy doing and don’t just slip into the old habits of doing what you would normally do. You will wake up Tuesday feeling recharged and refreshed, with lots of energy for the (short) week ahead!

What healthy things have you planned for Easter? any advice or tips?

Have a happy, healthy and hangover free Easter guys!

Angie xx



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