Happy, Healthy Holidays!

Sorry it’s been a while since I last blogged but I’ve been on a family holiday in beautiful Crete!

This has been my second sober beach holiday as we went to Majorca last June, and I can honestly say it’s been my best beach holiday yet!

So it makes me start thinking why?

The first picture is taken about seven years ago, on holiday in Spain. I was at a point where I didn’t exercise at all, I was drinking a couple of nights a week and every weekend, on crazy diets all week and then pigging out all weekend. I can remember trying to lose weight the week before the holiday by not eating. Crazy! I can see that now!

My holiday would then consist of eating whatever I wanted, drinking whatever I wanted and spending most of it sat by the pool in shorts and a tshirt with no confidence to walk around in a bikini. The “sod it, I’m on holiday!” would start from my first wines on the plane, to using up spare change as an excuse for wines on the way back! I still have a few good memories of the holiday, the kids were young and it was our first holiday abroad as a family, but my confidence and happiness with myself was at an all time low.

Fast forward to this holiday and it’s just so different!

Firstly, the biggie, is that this time I’m sober. Its my second sober holiday, which has made that side of things easier because I know I can do it. It’s a perfect time to try different non alcoholic drinks, there’s always a wide selection of mocktails, there’s fresh juices, tonic water, soda. Where we stayed didn’t have any non alcoholic beer or wine so it made me experiment more, and my favourite was a mocktail called hibiscus lemonade- delicious! The old me would have drunk white wine, nothing else, possibly the odd lager, no new tastes there!

I have tried to eat lots of different, healthy fresh foods. I’ve enjoyed my desserts too, I’ve had lots and always put fresh fruit with them to try and balance it out, makes me feel better anyway! But I’ve not craved carbs or a fry up to cure a hangover. I’ve tried different foods and made the most of all the fresh fruit and vegetables.

The old me would never pack trainers for a holiday! I didn’t do trainers, ever! But this time my kit was packed and I’ve exercised every day in the gym, and we’ve also done family activities too, rounders, basketball, aqua boarding and even tai chi!

The main thing is that I’ve had the energy and the confidence to do all these other things. I have so many more memories to take home, for me and for the family. I have been fully present everyday for my girls, at night we’ve sat in the bar til late and chatted, played cards, I’ve not been on a different level,in my own little wine world. And most importantly I feel refreshed and recharged not feeling like I need a holiday to recover from this one!

Have you a holiday planned for the summer? Will it be your first sober holiday, or have you any advice to offer for others? What can you do to make this holiday different to others, make it healthier, try new things?

Make your next holiday one to remember for all the right reasons!

Angie x

4 thoughts on “Happy, Healthy Holidays!

  1. I’m off on my first alcohol free holiday to Tropical North Queensland. I’m looking forward to packing in some good healthy activities whilst trying to avoid the crocodiles, leeches and box jellyfish. At the end of each day I’ll be watching a beautiful sunset whilst perusing the non-alcoholic drinks menu whilst my husband has a beer. The trainers will be packed as will my strong resolve not to drink. Well why would I? I’m at 11 weeks today. Yes that’s right 77 days and counting 🙂


    1. Morning!!!! 77 days that’s amazing!!!! Go you!!!!! Have an amazing holiday, sounds perfect 👌🏼 and start thinking what you want to do to celebrate your 100 days milestone!!! Enjoy the mocktails and amazing food and make the most of the free time away from daily choirs to look after you! You deserve it, have an amazing time xxxx


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