Will I lose friends?

What would my friends think? Will I still get invited out? I can’t stop drinking now because we’ve got a night out with friends this weekend? Will I lose friends?

This was a huge concern to me in the run up to me stopping drinking. I’ve always been the party girl, ( probably less now I’ve got the kids) but still the one wanting to stay out, carry on the party, making sure alcohol was involved when I was catching up with friends. So when I wanted to stop drinking I worried that I would lose some of my friends who I did all these things with. But guess what, I didn’t! And I can’t believe I would use that excuse (in my head) to not stop drinking.

I mean yes there are friends that I don’t see as much of now, because our friendship was mainly based on going out. But my close friends, my handful of “call them anytime and they are there for me no matter what” friends, they are still my very close friends, even closer! They have all supported me, yes a few were shocked initially, but they’ve all accepted and supported me along the way, which is what true friends do right! They know who they are, they are my cheerleaders and they are amazing, we still have nights out, meet up, do lunch, have takeaway nights, go camping or on holidays. We still see each other just as much as before. But for me I feel like I make the most of my friends now, I appreciate them a lot more than I used to, I feel like a better listener when I’m sober, I feel like a better friend. I’ve also realised how important it is to have friends that you can be yourself with, who you can really laugh with, that’s the buzz of a catch up now for me, not having conversations I can’t remember!

I’ve also found how not drinking creates an awkwardness with some people, and I can’t put my finger on why? Maybe it makes them look at their own drinking habits, which they don’t want to do!

But I know I’ve got good, close friends behind me, there for me like I am for them, and I will never ever take that for granted. My circle of friends maybe slightly smaller but those friendship ties are definitely a lot stronger.

And another bonus it that I love nights out more than ever! I can spend my wine money on a new outfit and taxi us all out and about, what’s not to love!

Have your friends supported you in your journey? Or have you found who your true friends are? Is there any awkwardness between you and friends? Can you offer any advice to other readers?


Angie x

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